About Us

EVERYBODYGOTONE (EGO) is a lifestyle brand, offering various staple apparel silhouettes crafted for today’s progressive generation of men and women. 
Founded in 2014; the brand aspires to create a lifestyle group that is centered around the idea of promoting forward thinking, individualism and creative self-expression. 

We are dreamers, the believers, the people with soul. We care, maybe too much, about our lives, our destinies, and desires. We wear our hearts on our sleeves. We think big. We work hard, we grind, we never sleep. You see us in the markets, in the office, at the local bodegas, and in school. You wonder who we are and what we do. We're proud, we're unique, we're different, we're noticed. We're you. So talk about us. Be about us. Be one of us. Be proud and wear you!